Round 2 2017 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships


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Guam International Raceway Motorcycle and Atv Corporation
2017 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships
Round 2 of 12

Out at the Guam International Raceway this past Sunday round 2 of the 2017 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championship took place and was yet another all day bar to bar elbow rubbing day of non stop motocross action. Once again the event was free for all those who wished to come to enjoy witnessing a full day of motocross carnage . With cool breezes and all day sunny skies the gates opened at 8am with all the racing action kicking off at 11:30am and continuing on all that afternoon. Classes competing ran two heats each and ranged from the small 50cc kids minibikes and atv’s up to the bigger full sized machines of the Open Atv and Motorcycle classes.

On the track highlights

Reigning and multi time Monster Energy Guam Motocross Open Motorcycle class champion 1 JR Cepeda aboard a Cycles Plus Kawasaki bolted off the starts to the lead that saw a 26 rider field at the gates. Cepeda dominated sweeping the wins in both heats of the Open Motorcycle class. While Cepeda was pulling away to the eventual win up front a battle for second was heating up between round 1 winner 31 Tim Wenden on his Rocky Mountain Precast supported KTM and 18 “Little” John Aguon aboard his Yamaha. With Wenden holding the second place position and Aguon pushing hard on his rear wheel in third the two put on an amazing battle lap after lap flying high bar to bar over the many jumps and driving in hard in each of the many turns. With the race almost about to be completed with just a lap and a kitten toss to go Wenden who was still looking good drove his KTM into a turn perhaps not defensively enough allowing a very hard charging “little” John to drive it in aggressively on Wenden s inside line resulting in some paint swapping between the two chargers and resulting in Wenden going losing the position. At the checkers it was Cepeda first, “Little” John second and Wenden in third. 55 Carlo Pangelinan took fourth with 75 Jeff Rios who rounded out the top five.

In other results

Reigning Open Atv champ 4 Robert Bucek swept both heat wins aboard his Cycles Plus Suzuki but not before the 7 of Matt Taimanglo on his Yamaha made Bucek earn it. Taimanglo took the lead in each of the two heats and went wheel to wheel with Bucek holding him off for the majority of the laps. The two battled hard with Bucek at times taking the lead only to have Taimanglo fight back to regain the position. Bucek eventually did make the pass stick for the win with the hearty Taimanglo taking second.

450cc Motorcycle class saw 1 JR Cepeda once again on his Cycles Plus Kawasaki take the win over 18 “Little” John Aguon who took second. 75 Jeff Rios on his Autoworks supported Yamaha placed third with 86 Mike Uribe and 25 Larry Limtiaco rounding out the top five respectively.

In the 250cc Motorcycle class the win went to the 31 of Tim Wenden aboard his Rocky Mountain Precast KTM with 55 Carlo Pangelinan taking second. Rounding out the top five respectively were 389 Shane Morrison, 44 Nolan Minor and the 51 Frank Reeses.

The Over 40 Vet class saw the 75 of Jeff Rios aboard the Autoworks supported Yamaha take the win with 51 Frank Reeses in second, 56 “Big” John Aguon in third and the Limtiaco brothers of 25 Larry Limtiaco in fourth and 11 Michael Limtiaco taking fifth.
In the Schoolboy class 94 Jessthan Pano took the win over 17 Franklin Perez.

In the 150cc Kids Minibike class 75 Owen Rios took the win aboard his Cycles Plus, Monster Energy and Gailade supported Honda CRF150 with 11 Blaze Aiken taking second aboard his Honda CRF 150.

Tobin Perez on his 4 Kawasaki swept the wins in his heats in the Kids 85cc minibike class with 101 Arthur Manglona in second, 76 Devein Encina in third and the 25 Laurence Limtiaco in fourth.

The lively and wild Kids 65cc class saw a great battle for the win between the 31 of Richard Wenden on his Ktm and the 25 of Laurence Limtiaco aboard a Kawasaki with Limtiaco taking the win over second place Wenden. Finishing in third was 52 Dakota Conception with 44 Valance Minor and 33 Mariana Wenden rounding out the top five.

In the Kids 50cc Minibike class 10 Jerisha Guzman also swept both heats to take the win with 18 Jonathan Aguon taking second.

In the Kids Mini Atv class first place went to 2 Wyett Ken Santos, second to 71 Valance Minor, third to 88 Eden Del Rodario and with 7 Miah Rae Taimanglo and 22 Karter John rounding out the top five respectively .

Round 3 of the twelve round 2017 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships will take place on Sunday February 19th out at the Guam International Raceway. Racing starts at 11:30am and again the public is encouraged to come on out and witness the all day bar banging racing free of charge. For more information including the full championship schedule along with practice and race heat schedules please visit and down load the GIRMAC Team App at Those seeking more information can also contact Public Information Officer Robert Bucek at 727-5381.